Uncovering a Cover

Who knew choosing a cover for a book could be so challenging? Though I already think I know which one I’m going to use, I want to hear your two cents on it. Which is your favorite and why? [Note: All rights to these photos remain with the photographer. Please do not print or re-post without permission.] Also check out this possible cover on Thinkstock.

Arms Lifted High photo by James Stewart

Running with Joy photo by James Stewart

Imagine by Paula Eve

Both of us Waiting by Patti Kuykendall

mom praying, woman praying, praying silhouette, woman sunset, woman prays sunset, faith, give thanks, thanksgiving, joy, contentment, devotion, hope, peace

Waiting in Prayer by Mark Burch

Waiting with you by James Stewart

Reaching Up photo by ChinUp!Photography Jen Kuykendall



See Winning photo!


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