Here is a small excerpt from chapter one–


James had me stand just outside the campus chapel, one of many red brick buildings that lined the university’s main road. He asked me to tell him what I saw.

“School buildings, walls, the chapel, that’s about it,” I replied.

Then, James drove me out to a high place that overlooked the whole town, and he pointed out the caperspective, town view, German hamlet, Germany, Black Forest, spire, chapelmpus chapel spire in the distance and asked again, “Now what do you see?”

“I see everything! I see all the campus buildings, all the houses, all the shops.” That vantage point offered an amazing view of the tiny town in which we lived. I could even hear the chapel bells resounding in the distance.

James told me that I had been viewing life’s challenges from the perspective I had down among the campus buildings, closed in, limited, small; but God saw every single detail. God’s perspective of my situation was like the viewpoint we had up at the scenic overlook. He encouraged me to trust God with my problems and concerns.


For a poem inspired and written around that same time period, read The Hourglass on Delana’s World.


3 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Loved that. We all know God knows and sees all, but it’s difficult to comprehend at times. I feel like looking at those same two views like you did.
    If only we kept this at the forefront of our thoughts all the time our hearts would be filled with a lot more patience and ease.

    Beautiful photo too btw…what a lovely looking place.

    • Thank you! This photo was actually not the original “looking place.” Unfortunately I no longer have a photo around from back then. But I liked this photo we took on a trip…and since it had a spire in it…I thought it would work just as well. 😉


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