Hope Deferred

Review by Education Cafe writer, Mary H.

I know a family in my hometown in the USA who adopted two older children from Russia.  And then sent them back.  From that

sunset girl, girl blowing dandelion, girl in sun, silhouette girl, hope

Photo by Mark Burtch

grievous example and other various news stories, I knew there must be something uniquely difficult about adopting older children.  I wanted to read a success story.  Nine-Year Pregnancy is that success story; the author also shares with great vulnerability about the trials of adopting an older child.  I had the opportunity to read this book’s manuscript during a pre-publication sneak preview, and I found the prose to be captivating.  I kept wondering what would happen next.

This book is much more than a narrative on adoption.  This book is about hope deferred, and deferred, and deferred.  It’s about having a dream which you think is from God but then questioning it as the years pass and the dream is unfulfilled.  As the author detailed for me her journey, I thought of my own steps and missteps.  I laughed aloud on more than one occasion but held back tears as well.  The book is also a treatise on unconditional love.  God loves us when we are unloveable, and He gives us the strength to do the same for others.

I recommend this book to anyone whose dreams are on hold and to all moms and dads and those considering adoption.


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