Long Gestation

Longest Gestation for Mammals

According to many sites that came up on my Google search, the longest gestation for any mammal is the nearly two years that elephants, elephants bathing, elephant bath, Thailand, Chiang Mai, elephants in Thailand, elephants playingthe African elephant is pregnant. Asian elephants come close. Manatees, camels, giraffes, rhinos, walruses, whales, and dolphins all come in at or over a year!

Longest Gestation for Non-Mammals

Some non-mammals like sharks can have a 2-3 year gestation period.

So, what is a nine year pregnancy about? Is that possible? It is if you are talking about a paper pregnancy. It could be if you are trying to adopt internationally. Actually, with most international adoptions it takes 1-2 years. Our journey took nine years facing some closed doors along the way, but a child did come!

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