Warning: Do Not Cross

You’ve seen the signs and the yellow tape warning you of impending danger. This morning I was warned by the following words of Philip Yancey: “There is a grave danger in finally getting what you want.”

These words came from a book he co-authored with Brenda Quinn called Meet the Bible. On his reflection of Deuteronomy chapter 8 he discusses how hard times draw us close to God and how success “may make it harder to depend on God.”

An answered prayer after a decade-long journey brought our daughter into our lives in 2007.

Photo by Jen Kuykendall, ChinUP! photography

A childhood aspiration, publishing a book, happened this month.

I reflected on these things this morning, remembering the longing, the praying, the crying out to God . . . and the dependency, intimacy, poetry, and journaling that came out of those years.

God brought me through the desert. As Moses warned the Israelites, may I never say it was the power and strength of my hands — may I always remember and give thanks to the Lord!


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