Not the Fireworks I Expected

–by: Delana H. Stewart

After all the paperwork and all the waiting, the first day, weeks, and months are often not what one would expect. Rather than bubbling over with joy, you may be more tired and exhausted than you have ever felt.

After a challenging first day and evening with our daughter, I expressed it this way, “The fireworks had come, just not the ones I had anticipated. When would I be overjoyed that after nine years of pregnancy and a year of labor God had finally answered my prayer? How long would it take her to accept me like a mother? . . .We both cried ourselves to sleep that night.” (Nine Year Pregnancy p. 91)

I am reading a book that I wished I had read and been able to reference during our adoption journey, mostly so I could have known that what my child, my family, and I were experiencing were normal. Here are some quotes and my thoughts from chapter four–The Family in Shock–from Trish Maskew’s book Our Own: Adopting and Parenting the Older Child.

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