Change is Scary

“To the child, adoption is not rescue, it is change — and change is scary.” (p. 19 Our Own by Tradoption, pregnancy, waiting, orphan, orphanage, orphan girlish Maskew).

From Chapter 8 Nine Year Pregnancy:

“Even though workers had spent several weeks preparing Jade for this moment, nothing could prepare a child for saying good-bye to everything familiar and leaving what had become home to live with total strangers.” (p. 77)

Trish Maskew, author of Our Own: Adopting and Parenting the Older Child,  says that people considering adoption should find a balance in their motives somewhere between rescuing a child and one’s own selfish desires to adopt. She states that people should make the determination based on a decision to parent a child, saying that “parenting consists of meeting a child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.” (p. 20).

Note: Read “Start as You Mean to Go” for more quotes and thoughts from Trish Maskew’s book.


To read more about the journey to Jade, read:

About the Book


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