The Stages of “Pregnancy” in Adoption

Lately, I have read many blog posts about the “paper pregnancy” and other similar terms in reference to the waiting period of adoption.

Today, I read the article “Adoption: What to Expect While You’re Waiting to Adopt.” The writer, author Rebecca Lyn Gold, does a great job summarizing each stage of adoption and giving parallels to pregnancy.

In my book Nine Year Pregnancy each chapter tells about part of the adoption journey in terms of a pregnancy, with chapter titles such as: Conception, Expecting, Heartbeat, False Contractions, Bed Rest, Contractions, Labor, Delivery, Newborn, Homecoming, etc.

How long was your adoption “pregnancy”? What was the most difficult stage? Feel free to leave a comment, I’d love to hear your story (even if you’re still waiting).

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9 thoughts on “The Stages of “Pregnancy” in Adoption

  1. We are adopting from China. We have a LID of September 22, 2006. As you can see we are on our fifth year of waiting. We see the light at the end of the tunnel now and are final realizing this may happen. Still holding ourbreath waiting for something to go wrong.

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