Your Story — Your Hope

Nine Year Pregnancy is not just my adoption story. It is not just my story of persevering, persisting, believing, and waiting. It is your story.

Your adoption journey may or may not have taken as long as mine (may or may not be taking as long) but in every chapter you are likely to think about your own journey, as you laugh and cry along with me.

Your story might not have anything at all to do with adoption, but you may have suffered long (or be suffering long) through your own story of waiting, praying, hoping, asking, believing, persevering, and persisting.

Come along for the journey!

If you haven’t yet experienced a time of waiting desperately for something or someone, one day you will.

It’s your story, too!


One thought on “Your Story — Your Hope

  1. If you are going to be in the Houston area Wednesday April 11th at 1pm, come on out to Friendswood, TX to hear me tell more about perseverance…and our journey. See the “Upcoming Events” tab for details.

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