Perseverance and Adoption

By: Delana Stewart


Many adoption journeys require developing a great deal of perseverance. And, if you are not required to learn it in the process of adopting, you will likely learn about it on the journey post-adoption.

I know that my family’s journey required perseverance. Curious as to what would appear I searched Google for “perseverance and adoption.” Here are the highlights of what I found:

  1. Buckner.  Trends in International Adoption. This article by Susan Serrano posted in March 2012. She discusses the longer wait times adopting internationally, as well as other trends, such as increased need for the adoption of special needs and older children. In it she quotes several families’ reactions to the challenges, delays, and wait times. The Hunter family said, “Spiritually, we grew. It taught us patience and perseverance.”
  2. The 5 Stages of Becoming an Adoptive family. This excellent article, posted April 5, 2012, does a wonderful job discussing the perseverance required post-adoption. The writer provides parents with 5 realistic phases to expect particularly when adopting children over two. She mentions not having a honeymoon phase, which I totally relate to also not experiencing, and follows that with “It was more like from the frying pan to the fire, so your mileage may vary.”
  3. The blog That We Might Be Adopted posted an article in August 2010 titled An Adoption Story=Perseverance. This article suggests that adoption is not for the faint at heart, and I agree, particularly when adopting older children. This post provides encouraging words and scriptures urging people not to despair.
  4. Finally, Focus on the Family has a great article actually geared to teaching children about perseverance. I actually found the tips to be quite apropos. They even have a helpful reminder poster you may want to print and put on your refrigerator – click here for poster.


I hope you find these links helpful whatever your journey, and wherever you are on that journey.

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