7 Tips for the Adoption Journey: Surviving the Wait

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Photo by Paula Eve, used with permission.

By: Delana H. Stewart, author of Nine Year Pregnancy

“Somewhere between middle school and grown-up life, someone peeled me off the wallpaper and I began to bloom.”


When the adoption journey is long how do you go about surviving the wait?

1. Refuse to lose sight of the dream.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish . . .”  (Proverbs 29:18a KJV).

“I might as well have been pregnant because in my mind I knew God had given me this vision, had implanted it in my heart and would bring it to full term.“–From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 2, Expecting.

2. Remember there is always a bigger picture.tree of life, quilt, flower quilt, hope

“Thankfully, God always sees a bigger picture, a tapestry that would hold many vibrant colors.” From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 2, Expecting.

3. Release your raw and very real emotions to a trusted friend, spouse, and/or counselor.

“At times, it had ceased to be waiting in anticipation, like a child waits for Christmas morning. It had become an ache, a groan, a raw emotion more similar to a starving person waiting for food . . . . the best friends and counselors . . . just listened and cried with me.” —From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 3, Heartbeat.

adoption journal, paper pregnancy journal, waterfall, lush waterfall, Virginia waterfall, serene waterfall, serene place4. Record your thoughts in a journal.

Writing in a journal can help you maintain sanity! It will also be a great reminder years later of the journey you traveled. Here is a journaling book recently published that will be a great asset to you on your journey: click here to order.

“I weekly—sometimes daily—expressed my thoughts, prayers and poetry in my prayer journal.” From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 3, Heartbeat.

(Go to Amazon.com to see the look inside feature of this journal.)

5. Realize where your focus needs to remain.

Focus on the Creator and the Giver rather than the created or the gift.

“I realized more and more that my focus had gotten off track. I focused on a dream, instead of on the Giver of Dreams.” From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 4, False Contractions.

6. Rest.

“We saw God’s hand at work in our lives and found rest in knowing that His plans are good. I truly rested in my Father’s hands. A new peace that truly passed all understanding floated down from heaven and landed on me.” — From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 5, Bed Rest.

7. Rejoice along the way.

Celebrate every baby step along the journey. Finished the homestudy? Celebrate! Got your fingerprints? Celebrate! Received a possible referral? Celebrate!

“Just like any expectant mother proudly shows sonogram pictures, I showed numerous people the few photos I had.” — From Nine Year Pregnancy, Chapter 7, Labor.

These are things that were most helpful to me on our nearly decade-long journey.

What are some ways you are surviving the wait?

And for those of you who have completed your adoptions, how did you survive the wait?

shadows, timing, faith

Shedding Light on Timing

Here’s a list from Chrysalis House on 60+ practical things you can do while waiting:

The Weight of the Wait


Read more about Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Journey of Adoption

Order now an autographed copy from the author — or from your favorite online bookstore.


Order My Paper Pregnancy Journal from CreateSpace.

Order Nine Year Pregnancy signed by the author.


Here is a great resource I found for practical things you can do during the wait:

http://www.amhc.org/11-adoption/article/10056-things-to-do-while-waiting-for-an-adopted-child (This list includes things like making a will, finding a pediatrician, finding a support group, and documenting the adoption journey.)

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