The Beauty of Texas Thunderstorms

Delana Stewart, woman singingHaving lived overseas many years, particularly in the desert, the thing I missed most about Texas was thunderstorms (especially summer showers).

Today, I spoke in Friendswood, TX and got to the point in my speaking where I read the preface of Nine Year Pregnancy. Just as I read these words– “OMINOUS CLOUDS BLOCKED  all light from the moon. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder boomed almost instantly—another Texas thunderstorm. The black night darkened when flickering street lights went out” — the rain began to pour outside! Friendswood Community Center, Seniors, senior ladies

I enjoyed meeting new people and making new friends today. I especially enjoyed the visit I had with a lady from Argentina who is interested in writing a book. I also loved meeting a lady who has two granddaughters who were adopted from China.


One thought on “The Beauty of Texas Thunderstorms

  1. The one time I visited Texas I was really excited because there was a thunderstorm forecast… but I was so jetlagged I slept right through it! I’m definitely going to have to go back, but stay awake this time!

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