Is the Adoption Journey Worth it?

The answer to this question varies not only by the person answering it, but also by at what place in life or in the journey the mom and daughter, sitting by tree, sun through trees, transracial adoption, international adoptionperson finds himself or herself.

  • Adoptive Parents in Waiting: While most parents in the waiting lounges of adoption are characterized by a sense of hope, anticipation, desire, passion—expecting a child any day—there are those who have been waiting a really long time. I know, because I used to be one of them. Some may begin to wonder if the journey will really be worth it. Some may begin to wonder if the journey will ever culminate in an actual child. Some may find themselves facing yet another closed door.
  • Adoptive Parents: Most adoptive parents that I have spoken or chatted with would agree that the adoption journey was worth it—no matter how long, arduous, time-consuming, and costly. Yet even adoptive parents face days and seasons where they may wonder if they made the right decision to adopt. The first year can be especially tumultuous and exhausting. In those times and seasons they need friends, family, counselors, and fellow adoptive parents to come alongside them to encourage them.
  • Adoptees and Birthparents: Adoptees and birthparents themselves will also face times where they believe the journey of adoption was the right path, and other times when they will question the decision made for them or by them.
  • Others: Others who have not adopted, been adopted, placed a child for adoption, or are waiting to adopt may have an opinion to the answer to this question based on their exposure to those in this process.

Where are you on the adoption journey? Are you going through a difficult part (pre or post adoption)?

–Delana H. Stewart

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