Do You Like the Term Paper Pregnancy?

–Delana H. Stewartmommy, baby, newborn, mother with newborn, preemie, premature baby, giving birth

While many people find the term paper pregnancy to be a sweet sentiment or fitting comparison between adoption and pregnancy, others are flat out offended by the term and the comparison.

Is paper pregnancy an offensive term to you? Entire forums dedicate themselves to this topic. I personally can see many comparisons and believe that people should be free to express their adoption in similar terms or not as they desire.

What is your view?

For a more extensive look into the similarities and differences between adoption and pregnancy, as well as some of the arguments by other bloggers regarding the use of this term, see:

Adoption v. Pregnancy: Are they similar?


3 thoughts on “Do You Like the Term Paper Pregnancy?

  1. Pregnancy and Adoption are both about waiting and expecting. We wait in hope expecting a miracle in both cases. God brings about a family in both cases. There are unexpected things in both. There is an unknown arrival date. There are many similarities.

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