Author’s Thoughts on Orphan Sunday

November is Adoption Awareness month. Tomorrow is orphan Sunday in many churches.statue, praying woman, praying woman statue, waterfall, raised hands statue

Here are some thoughts I have shared regarding this:

Adoptees experience grief and loss and this does not disappear when adopted. As we think about the needs of orphans this month, please also pray for adoptees and for their adoptive families as they seek to minister grace, mercy, love, patience, and healing. Praise God that He is Jehovah Rapha–The Healer!


And here is a link to a great article on the LifeWay website about adoption healing–


2 thoughts on “Author’s Thoughts on Orphan Sunday

  1. As an adoptee, I can attest that we do experience grief and loss that does not disappear. I’m 46 years old and still feel both grief and loss. It’s a wound that, although time makes it a little less painful, is a permanent scar. Thank you for recognizing this and speaking about it. I blog at

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