Rest in the Hand

Tucked away within the pages of Nine Year Pregnancy, woven between the lines of the story, lies a poem about rest.

Today’s daily prompt talks about an oasis, a sanctuary, a place of escape. While on my personal blog I shared about this in the post Finding an Oasis, here I’d like to share the poetic excerpt from Nine Year Pregnancy. My place of escape truly is in this Hand…


girl hand cross, woman holding cross, silhouette cross

Reaching Up photo by ChinUp!Photography Jen Kuykendall


I will rest in the Hand that never fails me.

I cry because my hopes are crushed,

yet I will trust Thee.

Though my heart’s prayer remains unanswered,

I will not doubt.

Your love may deny me the thing

for which I cry out.


I will believe in the Hand that saves,

Though troubles break like storm-tossed waves,

And disappointment stings like an angry bee,

Yet, in You, I will believe.


My tears fall like rain upon a weary land.

My soul is buffeted by the wind, and

I still find rest in the Hand that never fails me.

Though my longing cries out

from deep within my soul,

I will not doubt, because I know

The Hand that made the wave calmed the sea.

                                                                      Delana H. Stewart (c) 2001

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Where is your oasis?

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