Don’t Give Up Yet, ‘Cause Victory Often Comes at the Moment You are Ready to Throw in the Towel

If you have been waiting on God to answer a prayer in your life, then this is for you. Your request and mine might be similar or might be very different, but the principle is the same.sunrise, dawn, morning sky, joy

For me, I had been praying, waiting, hoping, and believing that God would bring a little girl into our lives through adoption. A long nine-year journey with open and closed doors along the way ensued. I was ready to give up the dream. But it wasn’t truly a readiness that came from contentment. Had I not had a faithful friend point me to truth, I would not have been ready when the time came for the answer to my prayer.

Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 6 of Nine Year Pregnancy:

          Teri asked me to come up stairs with her for a few minutes. When we got up there, I confessed, “Teri, I’m afraid. This feels kind of like Pandora’s Box. I think that if I open up to this possibility it will only rekindle desire I have laid to rest. And, if I open up to the desire only to have another door close, I’m not sure I can be strong enough to handle it. Yet, at the same time I am afraid that if I don’t pursue this, then I may always wonder if this was the moment I was supposed to have faith and didn’t.”

            “Delana,” she said, “Remember in the past when you prayed that God would close the door and guard your heart if it was not from Him? God is a God of faith, not fear. At least give Him the same opportunity to show you if this is from Him.”

Those words were exactly what I needed to hear. It was a reminder to me of John 4:18 about perfect love casting out fear. My conversation with my friend also reminded me of Luke 11:9 to keep asking, seeking, and knocking.

In Tom Elliff’s book “A Passion for Prayer,” he says it this way: “Praying Through to Victory. . .We must fight through, and then stand victorious on the battlefield. . . .Is not this another secret of many unanswered prayers–that they are not fought through? If the result is not seen as soon as expected, Christians are apt to lose heart and, if it is still longer delayed, to abandon it altogether. We must count the cost before praying the prayer of faith. We must be willing to pay the price. We must mean business. We must set ourselves to ‘see things through'” (p. 240).

What are you praying for? Keep on asking, seeking, knocking. Pray through to victory!


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