Unique Adoption Journal

My Paper Pregnancy Journal: A place for you to tell your adoption story with insights to guide you on your journey has adoption journal, adoption journal book, paper pregnancy journal, waterfall, lush waterfall, Virginia waterfall, serene waterfall, serene placearrived in time for you to bless a friend, family member, or yourself for the upcoming holiday.

Telling your adoption story is an important part of the journey. And here is a book to help you do just that!

With prompts, quotes, inspiration, and lined pages all in one place to write about your adoption journey, this journal utilizes parallels to stages of pregnancy, such as: conception, heartbeat, labor, and delivery, to guide you through each trimester of the paper pregnancy. When your journey brings you to your child, you will have a much treasured resource documenting your thoughts, feelings, and insights you glean along the way. Recommended reading offers you an opportunity to go deeper as you learn and prepare your heart and home for your coming child.

This book will assist and guide any parent(s) adopting a child of any age, through a domestic or international adoption. It also makes a beautiful gift for anyone at any stage of the adoption journey. The 7 x 10 size provides 172 larger-than-average pages of inspiration and prompts with plenty of space to write.

Delana H. Stewart –“Somewhere between middle school and grown-up life, someone peeled me off the wallpaper and I began to bloom.”

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See review of My Paper Pregnancy Journal on the website Infant Adoption Guide.

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blog, Mommy, AdoptionYou can vote once every 24 hours just by clicking the image!


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