A Play on Words

Delana H. Stewart

Today’s daily prompt, All About Me, motivates us to explain why we chose our blog’s title and what it means to us. book signing, Nine Year Pregnancy, adoption, Delana H. Stewart

Nine Year Pregnancy, as a blog title, was chosen to match the book for which it is named. But how, you ask, did I come up with that title for my book? Glad you asked . . .

Our adoption journey, from conception (the dream where it all began) through delivery (the day we received the girl who would become our daughter) took a decade. At the request of many who knew about our journey, I began writing the book. In its initial stages, I shared title ideas with our three biological sons. One of my title ideas at that time was Ten Year Pregnancy. I did not like the title, though each of my sons (separately) wrote back explaining to me why that was the best title.

I thought that it would be a good title if it could be Nine Year Pregnancy (because of its similarity to a nine-month pregnancy). My husband suggested that I go ahead and call it Nine Year Pregnancy. At first, I did not feel right about that. But, after sleeping on it, an idea struck me. If a nine-month pregnancy can have a day-long labor (as I experienced with my firstborn), then a nine year pregnancy can have a year-long labor.

So, nine year’s of being paper pregnant followed by a year of labor brought our daughter into our lives. Intrigued? Check out the preface or buy the book.

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So, what about you?

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

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