The Locket

From Nine Year Pregnancy:

“Valentine’s Day came and one of the most special Valentine’s of all—an e-mail from Sadie with a picture of the little girl and silver locket, silver heart, heart locketmore information. In addition to height, weight, development, and background, we learned a little about her personality as Sadie shared that this little girl was ‘quite short-tempered, hyperactive, and has a short period of time of concentration and speech delayed development.’  Sweet and spicy! From that moment, I began to carry her picture in a silver heart locket that James had bought for me.”

adoption journal, paper pregnancy journal, waterfall, lush waterfall, Virginia waterfall, serene waterfall, serene placeFrom My Paper Pregnancy Journal:

When a biological mother first hears the baby’s heartbeat, the life growing inside her begins to feel real. In an adoption journey, sometimes it does not feel real until the child is finally in your arms. Sometimes it does not feel real until the child completes the post-placement probation period. Sometimes it takes many months or even a year to feel real. While you may not want to paint the nursery just yet, find something heart locket, girls' locket, silver locket, adoption lockettangible to help you feel connected to the child you will one day welcome into your heart and home.

My husband bought me a heart-shaped locket. Initially, you could place a small piece of paper with the word “hope” or with a scripture verse inside such a locket. Later, you could add the first picture you receive of your child. You might have a different idea of something tangible.

Write down what you decide to use for your tangible connection to your child (or a quote, phrase, or scripture to encourage you as you wait).


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