Pregnancy: A Divine Yet Controversial Analogy

Delana H. Stewart

People use analogies every day. Writers use metaphors and similes to draw comparisons. When I wrote Nine Year Pregnancy I mom waiting, girl waiting, woman waiting, expecting, adoptionunknowingly stumbled upon a somewhat controversial analogy of comparing the adoption journey to a pregnancy. Some refer to this using the term paper pregnancy.

The term pregnant has been used as various analogies for centuries. It often carries a sense of expectation or waiting. Additionally, many kinds of emotional and physical pain are often compared to a woman in labor. I have not done a lot of research into ancient texts, but likely the earliest use of pregnancy as an analogy comes from the Bible.

Check out the references to pregnancy and infertility in this passage from Romans 8 (The Message translation) that I quoted in a devotional titled What are you waiting for?


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