Heart for Adoption

I have created this Heart for Adoption Award for the purpose of encouraging and blessing bloggers who have a heart for adoption, heart hands, heart sunsetadoption and use their blogs as a way to encourage and bless others on their adoption journeys. It is an award not only for adoptive parents, but also for adoptees.

The first people I would like to honor with this award are:

Jamie of See Jamie Blog

Christina of Diary of a Not-so-angry Asian Adoptee

Luanne and Marisha of Don’t We Look Alike

Here are some posts these ladies have written that have been a blessing to me:

Foster Adoption is Exhausting! by: Jamie

An Adoptee’s Perspective: 10 Things Adoptive Parents Should Know by: Christina

Adoption Comes Straight From the Heart (a book review) by: Luanne

Please pass this award on to others who have a heart for adoption!

New additions deserving of this award:

http://respondinginfaith.com/ (added Nov 9, 2013)

Delana H. Stewart of Nine Year Pregnancy and Delana’s World

blog, Mommy, Adoption


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