4 Reasons for Writing While You Wait

waiting by the pond, writing, reading, swinging, waiting on GodWhy write while you wait? No mother would likely disagree with how long a 9-month pregnancy can feel, particularly the last several weeks. Most adoptions take at least a year, and some can take many years with failed adoptions along the way. Here are four reasons why I recommend writing while you wait:

1)    Writing is good for your health—helping you process your own emotions of grief, fear, frustration, discouragement, anxiety.

2)    Writing keeps you focused on your future goal by helping you keep your thoughts organized and realistic.

3)    Writing guides you through today–allowing you to express deep feelings and emotions as often as you need to.

4)    Writing provides you with a record of your journey—where you have been and what you experienced along the way.

Here are a couple of articles about the healing nature of writing:

Time magazine – How Writing Heals Wounds

UT Austin – Writing to Heal

Adoptive Families website (and magazine) has an excellent article called Writing Through the Wait. This article offers five tips for adoption journal, paper pregnancy journal, waterfall, lush waterfall, Virginia waterfall, serene waterfall, serene placekeeping a waiting journal.

While you can use any notebook to journal your thoughts, My Paper Pregnancy Journal: A place to tell your adoption story is a unique book—which in addition to lined pages— provides prompts, questions, quotes, inspiration, and recommended reading along the way.

path, stone path, wooded path, forest path, journey pathDon’t just wait! Write while you are waiting.

Delana H. Stewart

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