Screaming Inside

waves, surf, beach, adoption, life preserver, griefIn my book Nine Year Pregnancy, I talk about some of the challenges faced when bringing home a newly adopted child. As I explained in my post Year for Year, the age of the child does have a significant impact, however, as in this quote by Rob Flanegin there are some things that an adopted child goes through at some point of the journey regardless of the adoption age.

“Remember, regardless of age, children who are brought into the family through the process of adoption are screaming out from inside, ‘Can I trust you to be in charge of me, to take care of my needs, to love me when I’m not so loveable?’”

—p.44, Thriving as an Adoptive Family

In Nine Year Pregnancy I share many of our experiences, such as this:

“He held her tightly against himself . . . with her flailing and screaming. Any child would have responded in the same way. My heart ached for what she must have been feeling. . . . nothing could prepare a child for saying good-bye to everything familiar and leaving what had become home to live with total strangers.”

See my review of Thriving as an Adoptive Family:

Reaching the Place of Thriving

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