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Media Kit

Last Quarter 2013


About Delana H. Stewart & Nine Year Pregnancy

Delana H. Stewart lives and works in the Middle East as an education consultant, home-school mom, author, andDelana 2010 speaker. Her goals for blogging at Nine Year Pregnancy are to share her family’s journey of adoption and provide helpful information and encouragement to others on the adoption journey. Delana desires to live a Christ-centered, joy-filled life, content in all situations and locations.

She was born in Texas, USA, and raised in many different states. Along with her husband and four children, she has lived in five different countries. She graduated from Liberty University with a multi-discipline degree in Education and Theology.

Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Journey of Adoption — published by CrossBooks Christian Publishing Company, a division of LifeWay — will be helpful to anyone in the adoption process, as well as helpful for those dealing with issues that arise in the early years of an adoptee’s life (particularly issues surrounding attachment, grief and bonding). It is the journey of having a dream, experiencing death of that vision and seeing God fulfill it in His time. If you are waiting on God to answer a prayer or feel like God will never answer your prayer—for a child, for a mate, for some other need or desire or dream—then this book will show you how Delana’s family trusted God to walk with them through dark, scary, unknown valleys.

My Paper Pregnancy Journal: A place for you to tell your adoption story with insights to guide you on your journey is a book to help you tell your adoption story. With prompts, quotes, inspiration, and lined pages all in one place to write about your adoption journey, this journal utilizes parallels to stages of pregnancy, such as: conception, heartbeat, labor, and delivery, to guide you through each trimester of the paper pregnancy.

Delana writes about adoption, faith, children and education.


The Nine Year Pregnancy community is made up of adoptive parents, siblings, and grandparents; adoptees; adoption organizations; fellow authors; family, friends, and bloggers around the world.

Our Contributors:

While Delana writes most of her posts, she also welcomes guest posts from others in the adoption community.

Statistics: Website:

  • Monthly Page Views: 400+
  • Total Views: 10,000+
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 108+
  • Top Viewing Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Germany, Turkey.

Social Media Reach:

  • Facebook: 150+ (Nine Year Pregnancy/Adoption and Paper Pregnancy)
  • Twitter: 908+
  • Pinterest: 154+
  • LinkedIn: 45+

Networks & Relationships:

  • Member of: (Adoption, Home Schooling, and Spiritual/Religious)

  • Other blogs: (7,000+ monthly views)



Reviews and Guest Posts

If you have a book, product, or service that you would like to have reviewed, or if you would like to share a guest post with the readers of Nine Year Pregnancy, please contact Delana to discuss availability and if she believes it would be a good fit.

Contact Information:

Delana H. Stewart:


See also: What is a Paper Pregnancy

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