Have My Heart

Christmas, adoption, and George Dennehy’s song “Have My Heart.” Christmas and adoption kind of go hand-in-hand. Joseph adopted the Christ child, Jesus.  And, through the gift of Christ, God adopted us as His children.

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Photo by Jen Kuykendall ChinUp!Photography.

Though there is often a lot of pain and grieving involved in adoption (by the adoptee, biological parents, and adoptive parents), there is great JOY, LOVE, PEACE, and HOPE.

If you have never heard of George Dennehy, let me introduce you to him. Born in Romania without arms, adopted into a very large family, George is THATARMLESSGUY who plays beautiful music on his guitar with his feet.

To view the Dennehy family adoption story on Youtube– click here.

George recently got married to Stephanie. View their original song on Youtube — Have My Heart — click here. 

While the song is a beautiful wedding song, it also makes me think of adoption. First, my adoption as God’s child, and me giving Him my heart. Second, my giving my heart to my daughter and my commitment to love her no matter what. Third, watching my daughter’s love blossom through the years as she entrusts her heart to us.

Who has your heart?


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