10 Adoption-Related Boards on Pinterest

Are you on Pinterest? Do you pin adoption-related pictures? Are you going through a paper pregnancy? Here are my adoption-related Pinterest Boards:pinterest

10. Parenting Adopted Children — pins and posts about parenting in general and specifically parenting adopted children

9. Birthmoms — Pins about incredible birthmoms I have read about or gotten to know.

8. Adoption Items — Interesting adoption-related items, such as magazines, jewelry, clothes, blogs.

7. Adoptive Parents — Stories, profiles, fundraisers . . . all about the parents.

6. Adoptees — Books, stories, movies, blogs, tips featuring the adoptee’s perspective. (See also: TCKs and Transracial Adoptees)

5. Orphan Sunday Pictures and posts regarding orphans and orphan Sunday.

4. Adoption Journals — looking for a place to journal about your journey?

3. Adoption Poetry — Poems, songs, inspiration, and expression about the joy and challenges surrounding adoption.

2. Adoption Books — Look here for books geared toward pre- or post-adoptive parents, adoptees (adult and children), and adoptive families.

1. AdoptionThis is a general go-to board for anything adoption: cute photos, quotes, inspiring posts, news, etc.

I also have education and travel-related boards.

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Read more about Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Journey of Adoption

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 What is a Paper Pregnancy

The Stages of “Pregnancy” in Adoption

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