white dresses, flower girl, butterfly kisses, adoptionMother’s Day can be a difficult day (season) for the woman waiting for a child (whether it is a first child or later child). It can make the waiting reminders, white dresses, butterfly kisses, poem, adoptionstage of the paper pregnancy especially emotional this time of year. In my book Nine Year Pregnancy I shared:

“Mother’s Day, my birthday and Christmas all passed without further direction from God and without a little girl. When each holiday came, my heart and mind imagined the various ways God might bring a daughter into our lives in time for that holiday. God’s timing, God’s way—I knew this truth, though it did not make it any easier to wait.”  (from chapter 2)

Here is a poem that I wrote in 1999 (only part of the way in to our long journey).

Girls in white dresses with purses and dollies, Make-believe weddings, sleep-overs, tea parties, Ribbons and bows in every store, Boys who grow up and need daddy more, Pink sheets and lace ruffles and butterfly kisses, Night gowns and hair brushes, a chat over dishes, Dolls that stare lifelessly forever reminding me to patiently wait on Thee!

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