Moody Mondays

(Or, rainy days and Mondays!)

Back when we experienced the very long wait in our adoption journey, a counselor friend shared an important suggestion with me. Those were the days and weeks when the waiting paper pregnancy, journal, adoption, grief, lossseemed unbearable. Those were the times when adopting seemed like an unreachable obsession. Here is what she advised . . .

My friend recommended that I pick one day each week to really think about the child that we hoped to one day adopt. Think about, journal about, talk about. She recommended picking a specific time and place to focus my thoughts on all my questions, hopes, dreams, concerns, fears, and frustrations.

A famous Karen Carpenter song has a line in the lyrics that says “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” It may sound like kind of a downer day to focus on both the excitement and the fears and longing of the adoption journey, but by picking a day to allow yourself a guilt-free period of time to release emotions and record your thoughts, then the rest of the week you are able to be more free and less encumbered by all of your thoughts.

So, whether you pick Mondays, rainy days, or some other day of the week, I hope you will allow yourself the freedom to find a day to grieve, to long, to hope, to dream, even to obsess a little . . . so that the rest of your week can be freer to focus on all the blessings you currently have in your life.

by: Delana H. Stewart


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