I Choose You

Two years ago I posted this to my main blog on Delana’s World, but I thought my Nine Year Pregnancy blog readers might have missed it. An adoptee poem for Mother’s Day.

Delana's World

By: Delana H. Stewart and Jade Stewart ©May 2013

Inspired by the poem “I Like You” by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, I wrote this poem collaborating with my daughter, told as if she were speaking to me. After reading it together, she hugged me and said the part that is now the last stanza of this poem. My high-school English teacher introduced me to the poem “I Like You,” which is now available as a book.

Happy Mother’s Day to birth mothers and adoptive mothers everywhere! May you be blessed!

I Choose You

I choose you and this is why.Giggle box, giggle girl

I choose you because every day you choose me.

I choose you because you know how to make me laugh,

And when I laugh, you laugh, and then I laugh some more.

And then you say, “Oops! Your giggle box turned over.”

And then I roll over and can’t stop…

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