Prayer Request to Friends of Nine Year Pregnancy

Transitions . . . change . . . moves . . . are difficult for any of us, but they can be particularly forsaken-meoverwhelming to the older adopted child. I have shared before how it takes a year for every year of a child’s age at the time of adoption for them to adjust and attach to new behaviors and expectations and attitudes. And I’ve shared the success and progress we’ve seen in our daughter.

Through my reading, I have learned how relapses happen, particularly when the older adopted child is faced with major change. Have I mentioned our family is currently facing major change and moves and transitions?

Knowing how the mind works and knowing what to expect does NOT lessen the daily challenges and heartache parents face when walking down the difficult roads.

Please pray for us in the coming days/weeks. Pray that as parents we would have wisdom and patience and grace and the ability to forgive easily and not let hurtful words and actions turn to bitter roots. Pray for restoration and healing.

Those of you who have been there truly know what I mean.

Let me know if you stop by . . . particularly if you understand . . . and/or are praying for us!


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