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Delana singing, Delana speaking, Nine Year Pregnancy videoClick here to view Delana’s YouTube Channel–

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Perseverance, Patience, Waiting, and Adoption

Reading the Preface to Nine Year Pregnancy

Singing “God Will Make This Trial a Blessing”

Read more about Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God–Our Journey of Adoption

Order now an autographed copy from the author — or from your favorite online bookstore.



10 Questions Adoptive Parents Ask – Short video clips by Dr. Karyn Purvis, author of The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family. The 10 clips address these issues:

1. How Do I Handle Manipulation & Control?
2. Will Trust-Based Parenting Work for My Child?
3. Why Won’t My Child Act His Age?
4. How Do I Handle Lying?
5. How Do I Find the Right Professional To Help Us?
6. Should I Parent My Adopted Child Differently Than Birth Children?
7. How Long Do I Have to Parent This Way?
8. Is It Adoption Related or Not?
9. Will Trust-Based Parenting Prepare My Child for the Real World?
10. How Can I Be Fair?I



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