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Seven “Rs” of the Adoption Journey

When the adoption journey is long how do you go about surviving the wait? From the author of Nine Year Pregnancy.


You are Not a Mistake

“God doesn’t make mistakes. He has a particular place in mind for each and every one of us,” says Jen Bricker, author of Everything is Possible. Whether you are adopted or have adopted or simply have challenges in your life, you will be motivated and inspired by Jen’s book.

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Fear or Faith

In the movie Beauty and the Beast, Belle must overcome her fear of the beast in order to not only free her father but to also set the Beast free. In life, sometimes the beasts we face are our own fears, such as the fears of failure, pain, suffering, death, heartache, disappointment, or closed doors.

Ronald McDonald, Sawasdee, Thailand

Heart for the Homeland

A heart for the homeland for Valentine’s Day. What age is a good age for an international adoptee to visit his or her homeland? What things should be done to prepare? What places should be visited? What expectations should you have?

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Cast Your Love

“Cast your bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it again.” Ecclesiastes 11:1 This verse reminds me of the need to keep pouring love into our children. The love we pour in will eventually pour out on others and come back to us as well.

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What is a Paper Pregnancy?

“Paper Pregnancy” and Adoption. What might seem self-explanatory to some, might require explanation for others. Paper Pregnancy: having a child developing in the heart while completing a ton of paperwork, experiencing long waits and many hoops, and sometimes facing roadblocks or closed doors (read labor) in order for that child to be delivered into your arms. Want to know the first time that term was used online?

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A Physical and Emotional Miscarriage

A friend of mine faced a failed adoption. She had not only seen pictures of her child, but she had held her in her arms, smelled her, cuddled her, rocked her. What she experienced emotionally could easily be compared to the grief faced in a mid-to-late term miscarriage. Recently, my newest grandson was born at 20 weeks, lived 34 minutes, then died. I understand grief and loss.

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Seeing Red?

Is the red tape of the adoption process making you wait? Sometimes hearing about how others survived the red tape provides strength for the journey.