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A Physical and Emotional Miscarriage

A friend of mine faced a failed adoption. She had not only seen pictures of her child, but she had held her in her arms, smelled her, cuddled her, rocked her. What she experienced emotionally could easily be compared to the grief faced in a mid-to-late term miscarriage. Recently, my newest grandson was born at 20 weeks, lived 34 minutes, then died. I understand grief and loss.

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Screaming Inside

There are some things that an adopted child goes through at some point of the journey regardless of the adoption age. Dealing with a child’s grief and loss. “He held her tightly against himself . . . with her flailing and screaming. Any child would have …

The Beauty of Texas Thunderstorms

Having lived overseas many years, particularly in the desert, the thing I missed most about Texas was thunderstorms (especially summer showers). Today, I spoke in Friendswood, TX and got to the point in my speaking where I read the preface of Nine Year Pregnancy. Just as I read these words– “OMINOUS CLOUDS BLOCKED  all light…

Adoptive Fathers

With Father’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share a couple of excerpts regarding how adoption day was viewed by my husband. Excerpts from Nine Year Pregnancy: Tears came to James’ eyes when he reflected on the life Jade had been living; it struck him that everything she owned as a six-year-old girl we now carried…