You are Not a Mistake

“God doesn’t make mistakes. He has a particular place in mind for each and every one of us,” says Jen Bricker, author of Everything is Possible. Whether you are adopted or have adopted or simply have challenges in your life, you will be motivated and inspired by Jen’s book.

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Fear or Faith

In the movie Beauty and the Beast, Belle must overcome her fear of the beast in order to not only free her father but to also set the Beast free. In life, sometimes the beasts we face are our own fears, such as the fears of failure, pain, suffering, death, heartache, disappointment, or closed doors.

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Shedding Light on Timing

This Beth Moore quote on God’s timing and my attitude is something I wish I had seen during our adoption waiting. Many times during our decade-long journey of waiting for our daughter I struggled with God’s timing. God is outside of time. He sees the big picture. Sometimes we only see in hindsight,,,

Grand: In the eye of the beholder

My daughter took this self-portrait a few years ago. She definitely takes unique photos. What is extra stunning about this particular photo is that my daughter lost her right eye to cancer as an infant, so for her, a self-portrait focuses in on the eye she sees with. Here are three more pictures from her perspective…

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Unique Adoption Journal

My Paper Pregnancy Journal: A place for you to tell your adoption story with insights to guide you on your journey has arrived in time for you to bless a friend, family member, or yourself for the upcoming holiday. Telling your adoption story is an important part of the journey. And here is a book to help you do just that!

With prompts, quotes, inspiration, and lined pages all in one place to write about your adoption journey,

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Eleven Years Ago

–Delana H. Stewart Eleven years ago, we were halfway through our decade of waiting for our daughter. Had we known it was only halfway we would have likely given up. While I experienced a season of hurt and long-suffering, wondering if God had heard my prayers, I know it was nothing like the suffering and…