Prayer Request to Friends of Nine Year Pregnancy

Transitions . . . change . . . moves . . . are difficult for any of us, but they can be particularly overwhelming to the older adopted child.

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A Birth-mother Lets Go

“She came to that moment when she had to do the hardest thing she would ever be called upon to do. She had to let him go.”

National Princess Week

On national princess week, I could not resist the opportunity to talk about the princess that took nearly a decade to enter our lives! Every time she asks why we adopted her, I respond: “Our family needed a princess.” Every time she asks why we did not adopt a sister for her, I respond: “Our…

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Bullies and Adoption

              Adopted children, particularly internationally adopted children, will experience bullying.               While at the theater to watch October Baby I saw the preview for the movie Bully. Today on Facebook, Families Supporting Adoption shared a link to an article about teaching our children about bullying. The article dealt with the issue of bullying in general.…