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Three Year Anniversary

Three year anniversary of Nine Year Pregnancy….

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Clay Crosse and his wife Renee are no strangers to adoption. During our nearly decade-long journey of adoption, I faced a period of time of needing to surrender my desire for a daughter to the Lord.

Shaking Up My World

(The rest of the preface, continued from Under a Thousand Drops of Rain and Families for the Lonely.) Suddenly I woke up in our bed breathing fast, heart still pounding, while my husband James slept quietly beside me. Was it only a dream? It was so vivid, so real! I recognized the words spoken by…

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Under a Thousand Drops of Rain

Beginning of the Preface to Nine Year Pregnancy: Waiting on God-Our Journey of Adoption. OMINOUS CLOUDS BLOCKED all light from the moon. Lightning lit up the sky and thunder boomed almost instantly—another Texas thunderstorm. The black night darkened when flickering street lights went out. The wipers swished back and forth furiously while


Here is a small excerpt from chapter one– ******************************************************************************** James had me stand just outside the campus chapel, one of many red brick buildings that lined the university’s main road. He asked me to tell him what I saw. “School buildings, walls, the chapel, that’s about it,” I replied. Then, James drove me out to…