From the Foreword by Renee Crosse

[An excerpt from the foreword of Nine Year Pregnancy.]

Adoption . . . you can’t get much closer to the heart of God. . . .

In Nine Year Pregnancy Delana shares her story openly and honestly. Private journal prayers, poems and songs, tug on your heart as you yearn along with her for a precious orphan to be placed into her loving home. Along with sharing the journey that leads up to their adoption, Delana beautifully captures the moment of meeting their daughter, Jade. Her genuine compassion for the child that God created for her family shines brightly through this section of the story. Transparently discussing the frustrations, fears and raw emotions that adoptive families face in the first few years are helpful and so needed. . . .

I recommend this book to anyone who has adopted or is praying about adopting. While this story is about the adoption journey, it also serves as a wonderful encouragement to anyone who needs that extra bit of hope in knowing that God hears their prayers and that His timing is always perfect.

Renee Crosse

Visit Renee and her husband Clay at —

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