Here are some things people who have reviewed Nine Year Pregnancy are saying:

Deeply personal and honest. I know that good adoption books are hard to come by—and not just any book labeled “adoption” is going to be a great read. However, Delana’s book fulfill’s the yearnings of those interested in adoption on a deeper, more intimate level.” Rachel Garlinghouse, author of Come Rain or Come Shine, blogger at White Sugar Brown Sugar!”

“A personal and inspiring true story!” — Adoption Today Magazine

Adoption dream overcomes years of obstacles.” — Jeff Newpher, YourHoustonNews.com

“You touched my heart, and I cried and nodded the entire time I read this.” — Kat, Love Makes a Family

Absolutely beautiful. I felt the peace of God as I read this.” — Cheryl, Burning Fire

“This book is thoughtful, inspiring and well written. It’s full of wisdom and practical advice not only for those who are considering adoption or have already adopted but also for birth parents and for parents in blended families. Many who read this book will find practical applications for immediate needs, and all who read it will be blessed, as was I.” –Tom

 “This is a beautiful book! It is so gripping. I had no trouble reading straight through it. I cried tears of joy, got goose-bumps, laughed, and found myself praying for you again as you continue your journey.” –Teresa

 “This book is informational, educational, encouraging and interesting to read all at once.” –Heather

 “What a significant contribution this book will make to the lives of many families.” –Elaine

 “I will say that I cried when I read some of the parts about Jade’s tummy mommy letters. The tears were just flowing. This book reminds me of 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 where we are told to comfort others with the comfort we receive from God.” –Kathryn

 “This book is entirely wonderful! The content is thorough, giving people in the waiting lounges of adoption wise advice when planning for the long haul, both practically and emotionally. I especially appreciate your honesty on realistic bonding with older children.” –Kelly 

“You wouldn’t think that a book on adoption would be a page-turner, but I found myself wanting to know what happened next after each chapter.” –Mary, See a longer review entitled Hope Deferred

“This book is on my must-read list!” — Every Day Adventures

“So excited for the release of your book!” — Elissa, Don’t Let Life Pass You By

Amazing! Wonderful! Wow! May your heart words be well received and bless countless numbers of people exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or think!” — Melissa, Bones in My Heart

So many of the feelings the author had during her waiting mirrored my feelings as we journeyed through infertility. My heart was touched.” — Leslie

“This book was a wonderful encouragement to me as an adoptive mother of three. I appreciated the deep honesty and wonderful joys that were shared in this book. A must have book for families that have adopted, or are seeking to adopt.” — Tara Young, A Humble Vessel

Fascinating from start to finish! Couldn’t stop reading, and finished it in one day. It was well-written and inspiring, and I enjoyed reading every detail. I’m a great-grandmother with no knowledge about adoption, yet I felt her pain as well as her joy. I don’t usually read books like this, but I have to say this one is worth reading, and I highly recommend it!” — Joyce

“The depth of her painful journey and the depth of her family’s love for God and each other jumped right off the pages and into my heart.”Mary

The first page drew me inside, and I spent an afternoon drinking in every word. I was moved and encouraged. It is an excellent read for anyone in the process of adoption or has recently adopted; and I HIGHLY recommend it for someone who has a heart for adoption, but the Lord still has them waiting.” — Amy

“I have had the great pleasure of meeting this amazing family! Having adopted an older child who is not of the same ethnicity has been a challenge that I could not always easily express. After meeting the author and reading her book I now know for sure that only by God’s grace and mercy it was the right decision. Her book mirrored some of the same incidents that I went through while trying to show love and patience as well as dealing with discipline issues. Anyone that is interested in adoption, especially of an older child , should read this book. Anyone that has already adopted should read this book. Even if you are just struggling with waiting on God for an answer in any area of your life, this book is well worth the read!” –Meritta


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